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Daily Specials 8/7

Tai Peanut Wings 12

Crab Rangoon Quesadilla 13

rangoon sauce,cheddar,green onions

BBQ Chicken Flatbread 10

bbq sauce,cheddar jack cheese,chicken,red onion cilantro

Bacon Jam Chicken Wrap 11

cajun mayo, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic cream cheese, and bacon jam

Asian Salad with Blackened Scallops 16

Crab Melt 14

Fred's crab salad on ciabatta,with tomato,jack cheese,paprika,basil with romaine wedge

Rueben 10

hot pastrami,1000 island,sauerkrout,swiss,on grilled rye

Scrum Burger 10.5

scrum mix,mayo,cheddar,mush,bacon,lettuce,tomato


French Onion 

Cream of Mushroom