New Delhi Wings $15

General Tso Asian Salad $15

Asian salad topped with Tso chicken 

Mediterranean Chicken Salad $15

Greek salad topped with grilled chicken and NAAN bread 

Jalapeno Pepperjack Burger $13

lettuce, tomato, onion and toasted brioche 

Southwest Chicken Philly $11

cheddar, pico, and guacamole 

Jamaican Chicken Jerk Chicken Sandwich $12

pineapple chili aioli and lto, served on toasted brioche 

Gary $12

blackened chicken caesar wrap 

Soup of the Day

Cream of Crab 

Beer Highlights

Zero Gravity's Green State Lager, 4.9% ABV, Burlington, VT (Craft Pilsner)

Industrial Arts Wrench (hazy IPA )